About “The Tomatoes”

Tomatoes have stolen my heart.

I got my gardening addiction from my mother. I can’t remember a summer that didn’t involve long walks through hot, sticky greenhouses. We would sometimes drive hours to find the best greenhouse, then we would load our car full of plants and hope my dad didn’t get too mad when we got home. It was something I definitely took for granted until I moved away. A couple summers ago my parents moved into a new place and I noticed that my mom (who was working two jobs) had no time to make a garden for herself. I was not prepared to go a summer without a garden to take care of so I took it upon myself to set up her garden for her. This is the exact moment when I caught the gardening bug.

Now this summer I’ve had a bit of time to actually plan out what I want to do in my garden, and while I can’t do much until I get back home, I have decided to start some tomatoes from seed. I planted them on March 13th and may order and plant a few more varieties. I will be taking these little guys with me on my 18 hour drive back home. I’m calling this The Great Transplant.

I’m going to make lots of mistakes, but that’s why I want this garden. I’m looking forward to learning and documenting it on this blog so one day I can have a garden like the ones my mother used to plant.

Who knows what the tomatoes will teach me this summer,


Love T