Garden Post #2 – The AgroLight Incident

At least it’s a beautiful day, right?

“T, why are those seedlings outside in the courtyard and not inside where they are safe?” Well friends, I have a confession. My apartment is on the ground level at the base of a hill of a north facing complex. It gets absolutely no direct sunlight, not ideal for growing seedlings I hear.

The black table is where they usually rest. Notice the lack of direct light despite it being gorgeous out.

That’s okay though, I went out and bought and AgroLight bulb and put it in my spare lamp. I felt like I could finally sleep easy knowing that my tomatoes were getting the light they deserved.

That is until The AgroLight Incident of 2016.

I noticed a a smell coming from my tomato corner, it smelled like… melting. When I went to check, it was indeed melting. Turns out my spare lamp is only equipped to handle 15 watt lightbulbs not the 60 watts my AgroLight produced. So in the 30 minutes I had it plugged in for it managed to melt the lamp around the lightbulb and cause quite a stench (sorry roommates!).

Rest in sweet peace, Ikea lamp.

So here we are, some light deprived seedling, one broken lamp, one broken AgroLight, and no time today to go get replacements.

I decided to put my seedlings outside in a sheltered area to get some direct sunlight for the day as it is pretty warm outside and I can just tell they really need it. Is this the right thing to do? I have no clue. I will certainly bring them back inside before it gets dark and the raccoons come out. For now they are out there all exposed to disease, and children, and dogs.

My plea to the children and other inhabitants of my courtyard.

Please send your positive thoughts this way,

Love T

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