Garden Post #1 – The First Mistake

I’m so very excited to announce that I have planted my very first tomatoes from seed. Three different kinds so far, Sub-Arctic Plenty, Beefsteak, and Taxi (a cute yellow heirloom). Unfortunately, I realize that I may have already made a mistake.


I was unable to find any soil that was specific to seed starting. My only choice actually was an enriched potting soil. I’m worried that all those extra nutrients will cause my tomatoes to bolt. (Is that a thing that tomatoes do or is that only lettuce and broccoli?). So we’ll see in a couple of week how this goes. I am very excited. I used red solo cups and poked holes in the bottom for good drainage. I also only filled them up 3/4 of the way so that I can add more dirt as they grow. I hope this will make for a couple sturdy transplants near the end of April.



I even set aside a couple plants for people in my life that I think will enjoy them. Specifically, the lady who helped me fill out my student loan application and my boyfriend’s mom. I have never met his mom before, but I figure if I ever do get to a tomato plant is a nice gesture, right?


I think I was most perplexed at how tiny the seeds were. I had to stop myself from pouring them all in 2 cups because part of me doesn’t believe that a tiny seed like that is able to produce a whole tomato plant. This secures the idea in my heart that gardening is one of the closest things we have to magic.

Updates to come, check out my page About “The Tomatoes” for more information.

-Love, T

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