My Apologies

Oh my goodness, someone is reading my blog. I’m going to start by apologizing in advance for a couple of things:

  • My grammar/spelling (I am not a writer)
  • My photos (lighting is hit and miss in this apartment)
  • My lack of knowledge (but please enjoy watching me struggle)
  • My swearing (sorry mom, I really am a sweet girl
  • IMG_1937
    A picture taken from a frosty window back home.

I’m currently going to school and when that finishes up at the end of April I will be returning up north to work. This means my tomatoes and me will undergo The Great Transplant which I will touch more on in a later post. For now I have to keep myself fed, and figure out how to start tomatoes from seed in my apartment without pissing off my roommates.

Wish me luck,



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